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The first public monument in Belgrade was erected in 1848, at today's Karađorđev park, and dedicated to the heroes of the First Serbian Insurrection died in 1806 during the conquest of Belgrade. The monument was erected by Knez Aleksandar Karađorđević.
At the squares and parks of Belgrade, in 10 inner-city municipalities, 192 monuments have been erected and 237 sculptures have been placed. There are 70 monuments and sculptures placed in suburban municipalities.

 Victor   Author: IVAN MEŠTROVIĆ

Bronze and stone, total height about 14 metres. Erected in 1928.
In 1912, Meštrović designed a monumental fountain on the theme of the liberation of Serbia from the Turks which was to have stood at Terazije square. The center of the fountain's basin would have contained a five-stepped column representing five centuries of slavery under the Turks and it was intended that the "Victor" should stand on top of this. After the end of World War I the project was given up, so that in 1928 the "Victor" was placed on a column in Kalemegdan as part of the 10th anniversary celebration of the breach of the Thessaloniki Front. This monument is often used as a symbol of Belgrade.




Monument to knez Mihailo Obrenovic


At Trg Republike, near the street bearing the Knez's name, bronze.
Erected in 1882.



Monument to unknown hero of Avala

Author: IVAN MEŠTROVIĆ   erected in 1938.
In the years following the end of World War I monuments to unknown heroes have been erected in all Allies' countries, and Yugoslavia also joined this common activity. The monument construction took four years (1934-1938) and the remains of an unknown soldier were buried in it. The monument has the shape of a sarcophagus on a six-stepped plinth. Caryatides, which symbolize an honour guard, are placed sideways.

Monument to defenders of Belgrade

It is located on the Danube's bank, near the Sports Center, made in bronze and stone, height 350 cm. Erected in 1988.
Inscribed on the monument are the words of the order issued by major Gavrilović: "At three o'clock sharp, the enemy must be crushed by your mighty charge, torn to pieces by your grenades and bayonets. The honour of Belgrade must be spotless. Soldiers, heroes, The Supreme Command has erased our names from its roll. Our regiment is sacrificed for our King and Fatherland. You don't have to worry anymore about your lives that no longer exist. So forward, to glory! Long live the King! Long live Belgrade!"

Monument to liberators of Belgrade (1806)

It is located in Karađorđev park and made in stone, with cladding of artificial stone, and with total height of 547 cm.
It was erected in 1848 by Knez Aleksandar Karađorđević in memory of the liberators of Belgrade in the First Serbian Insurrection. King Aleksandar Obrenović renewed it in 1889. This is the oldest public monument in Belgrade.



Monument to conscripts of the third call-up



It is located in Karađorđev park. Stone height 250 cm, total height 470 cm.
The monument is dedicated to the soldiers - conscripts of the third call-up which gave their lives in World War I.





Black horses are playing

two compositions
At the entrance to the Serbian Assembly, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra.
Bronze, placed in 1939.



 Monument to Dositej Obradovic

Bronze 300 cm, total height 500 cm. Erected in 1911 in front of the former National Library (entrance to Kalemegdan), and in 1930 transferred to Univerzitetski Park.
Inscribed on the monument is a maxim: "Learn while going, look at centuries!"




Monument to Ivo Andric



At Andrićev Venac, near Pionirski Park; bronze 140 cm. Erected in 1992 commemorating the 100th birth anniversary of our Nobel laureate.





Monument to Vuk Karadzic



In Studentski park, bronze, 300 cm, total height 725 cm.
Erected by the Belgrade Municipality in 1937.





Monument to Milos Crnjanski



Bronze 70 cm, total height 260 cm. Erected in 1993 commemorating the 100th birth anniversary of the great writer.






Monument to despot Stefan Lazarevic

It is located in Upper Town of Belgrade Fortress, bronze 220 cm.
It was erected in 1982 as the gift to Belgrade, for the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the author's artistic work...





Monument to vojvoda Zivojin Misic


Located in front of the Belgrade Fair, in the boulevard bearing his name, bronze 85 cm, total height 195 cm.
The monument was erected in 1988 commemorating the 70th anniversary of breach of the Thessaloniki Front.





Monument to Karadjordje


At the plateau in front of the building of the National Library of Serbia in Nebojšina Street.
Bronze 320 cm. Erected in 1979.






Monument to Nikola Pašić



At Trg Nikole Pašića, bronze 420 cm.
Erected in 1998. 





 Monument to vojvoda Stepa Stepanovic


In Kumodraž, in front of Stepa's house of birth.


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