Stan Za Dan
Apartmani Beograd
(+381) 066 12 11 12

Lava Bar

Lava Bar is a multifunctional establishment that can provide to our customers enjoyment in top Mediterranean cuisine, great wine list and the possibility of organization  private and business banquets,as well as great night life.
     During summer, newly renovated garden, with a large bar and a list of classic and extraordinary cocktails, is the ideal place to gather before heading to one of the city's clubs.

From autumn to spring, Lava bar is becoming one of the best night clubs in town with our performances, club bands from Wednesday to Sunday.
Lava bar is trying, for years,  to satisfy all the desires of its visitors and to maintain a high level of service and quality.

Address: Kneza Miloša br.77   Tel.+381 11 3610 525   mob: 062 873 6726


  Address: Borislava Pekića 15


Kućica is your save house. It is a great place for the people who enjoy in good music. The best part od the cafe is its garden that remindes on Kalemegdan fortress and its rocks. Here, they prepeare the special kind of ice tea that can really refresh you in the summer time.





Address: BraćeKrsmanović 14



This club  is a real miracle. It has only a garden that is full of interesting details. It works only during the summer. DJ is often playing so you are invited to enjoy in a good music. 



O.U.R Bar

Address: Beogradska 71

Phone: +381 11 32 388 46

Bar United work organization is the place that brings the atmosphere of the NY streets and its bars. All around, on the walls, you can see the pictures from films that were taken while some of them were making. Inside there is a piano and film projector that bring special spirit to this place. Here, you can enjoy in guitar, jazz music and djs.


The Black Turtle pubs

Locations of The Black Turtle Pubs in Belgrade, Serbia

The Black Turtle Pub I – Ilije Garašanina 26 – 011/ 33 45 741

The Black Turtle Pub II – Kosančićev Venac 30 – 011/ 32 86 656

The Black Turtle Pub III – Gospodar Jovanova 56 – 011/ 2632 221

The Black Turtle Pub IV – Dečanska 23 – 011/ 3235 844


          The Black Turtle is a chain of pubs and it was founded on 20th of October year 2000 in Belgrade, Serbia. The one thing that makes us unique and original is our domestic  brewed light and dark beer, and also our fruit flavored beer.

          The Black Turtle Pubs , better known as just “The Turtles” are well known among Belgrade beer drinkers and nightlifers. Large bars, warm ambient dominated by wood, rock & blues music and our unique selection of beers are the qualities that we live up to.  Pleasant atmosphere and great fun are central part of Turtle’s everyday life. Our specific and sociable staff will make you feel  just like at home.  The increasing number of our loyal regulars will gladly witness of our pub’s contagious energy.

Klub svetskih putnika / The Federal Association Of Globe Trotters

Address: Bulevar Despota Stevana 7/-1 basement

The Federal Association of Globe Trotters is founded in October 1999. in the rented apartment in the basement of the house.
At the end of 20th Century in the time of crisis in Serbia, we came to the idea to bring our friends, friends` friends and all the people of good will together with a single goal – to create a place for exchanging information and ideas – from business to art and sciance alike.
The members brought the pieces of furniture as a donation, a gift, and with them they brought small parts of their own private histories into this space, which gave the club a special touch.
The local, but also very often the foreign media from ex-Yugoslav republics, spread the word about us, so that our horizons get wider and borders don`t exist. The Association welcomes its members and friends weekdays as well as weekends.

Every working day from 13:00 to 24:00 and on weekends from 15:00 to 24:00.Live music every night.

Vesele domaćice
Address: Njegoševa 7, 1st floor, Cvetni trg

Phone: +381 11 364 06 26

Mob: +381 62 189 96 75, +381 11 60 440 41 42

Cafe is in the building that was built in the beggining of XX century. Near the entrance there is a space that is soon going to be a library. In the other parts of the cafe there are a really comfortable pices of furniture. The interior is decorated with an interesting details-transparent tables and chairs that are made in different nt colours, interesting frames of the paintings... instead of lustes there are many casseroles with white spots with a different kind of liminaires. There is a big heart in this place that makes the interior romantic in some way.