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Belgrade Alternative Guide is a group of students from Belgrade who came together around the idea of showing their capital city to visitors in a manner different than that of tourist agencies.




The only academy in the world that teaches its students everything about Belgrade's nightlife! Follow a class and learn how to dance on tables like a real Belgradian or discover the deepest layers of the underground scene. Essential for all those who want something different than just getting drunk and deaf!


iBikeBelgrade aims at showing the beautiful city of Belgrade in the best way possible. We even dare to say it is the only way to experience all sides of Belgrade in one go. Although biking is a way of transport which is not used a lot in Belgrade, there are many ways to see and experience this beautiful city by bike.



See Belgrade from Danube and river Sava. You can visit also salaš Stremen, Carska Bara – Zrenjanin, Viminacijum, Djerdapska Klisura.
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