Stan Za Dan
Apartmani Beograd
(+381) 066 12 11 12

Cafe ?

address: Kralja Petra I 6

The oldest Belgrade restaurant, built in 1823 as a property of Knez Miloš Obrenović, gifted to Naum Ičko, his commercial consul. It was constructed by the Greek builders in the Balkan style. As soon as 1826, on the ground floor of this building, Ećim-Toma Kostić, the son-in-law of Naum Ičko and a famous healer from the Second Serbian Insurrection (he cured Knez Miloš, too), opened a cafe called "Ećim-Tomina". Since 1878, when it was sold by the successors, it has changed its owners and names. First it was called "Kod pastira" (At Shepherd's) in 1878, then, in 1892 "Kod Saborne crkve" (At the Cathedral Church), but this was soon removed, because it neither complied with regulations on restaurants, nor did the Church authorities find it suitable. As a temporary solution, the owner has put up just a question mark, which has remained until today. Vuk Karadžić used to come to this restaurant in 1830-1831. In 1834 it had the first billiard table in Belgrade, and since the same year, i has been the first reading-room of "Srpske Novine" (Serbian Newspaper).

Stara Hercegovina

Address: Đure Strugara 36

Phone: +381 11 32 45 856


This restaurant is a real kult - it is a porter-house with a rich manu that offers a meal from Hercegovina an Serbia.  




Address: Kralja Petra br 70                                                      pedja  063 772 73 44      Zeka   063 878 76 50

New space in Belgrade and new kind of restaurant - GASTRO CLUBBING. Try Fantastic french food and great clubbing atmosphere. Zeka and Peđa will try to make you very satisfied...

every day , except Sunday, from 14.00-24.00


Address: Skadarska 13 
Phone: +381 11 32 37 204;     +381 11 303 59 30                     



web site:

Restaurant - Pizzeria Guli exist for seven years after Guli cafe - bar has been reconstructed. Specialties are pizzas baked in wood fired oven and various pastas, meat and fish dishes based mainly on italo - mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is fully airconditioned and during the summer months restaurant provides garden.




Address: Patrisa Lumumbe 49, Karaburma



In this reataurant staf is dressed in a traditional way, and the entire place is decorated in the Serbian village style, both indoor and outdoor. That's what attract people from abroad to come and eat here.

Srpska brvnara

Address: Savski Kej bb, Blok 44


Phone: +381 11 31 80 232

Ethno restaurant Serbian lodge is situated on the bank of the Sava river and it is perfect place for getaway from the city noise and fully enjoying the pleasant family atmosphere.


 Address: Pante Srećkovica 29

Phone: +381 11 20 88 431


This restaurant is he place where you can order any kind of national food from Serbia. You can feel the true spirit of Serbian cuisine.




Čobanov odmor


Address: Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 141

Phone: +381 11 21 34 577

What we consider fast food in Serbia actually originates from the meadows. Based on the customs of the abundant areas of western Serbia Čobanov Odmor is reviving the tradition of making kajmak, cheese, prosciutto, roasted meat and other specialties. At Čobanov Odmor you can enjoy an authentic village atmosphere in a log cabin reminiscent of those typically found in the mountainous region of western Serbia, and you will be served by staff dressed in Serbian traditional costumes.
Balkan Ekspres

Address: Despota Đurđa 22
phone: +381 11 615 906; opened from 9am to midnight 

Cafe - bar and restaurant Balkan Ekspres has the most beautiful location on Belgrade.The view at the river, comfortable garden, and great music make it's atmosphere unique. Actually, this whole place was a wagon that is turned into the restaurant.



Address: Kej oslobođenja 73B

Phone: +381 11 611 625


For many people this is the right choice for an amusement in Belgrade. You can have fun and listen old pop and rock YU music. To complete your stay here you should order to eat because the food is more than good.


Address: Solunskih boraca 16, Žarkovo

Phone: +381 11 502 091


Address: Kajmakčalanska 2


Phone: +381 11 240 41 42

Restaurant Zaplet is opened a couple of years ago but it is more popular than many other older restaurants. Tourists and people from Belgrade adores it. Menu is unique and it is changing every two months. This restaurant is named Zaplet because of the food that is made from the parts that is hard to imagine together in the meal. 

Via del gusto

 Address: Kneza Mihaila 48

 Phone: +381 113288200

This is the place that offers everything! It is bakery, confectionery, restaurant, cafe-bar... You can take almost all-from sandwich to pizza, cold and hot dishes, cake... This place recommends pizza called Via del Gusto and Bavarian pie.

Mali Pariz/Le petit Paris

Address: Birčaninova 17

Phone: +381 11 36 21 496

Restaurant Mali Paris is the old Belgrade restaurant that is built in 1927. It was popular for the bohemians who were so pleased to begin and end their day here. The interior is like in old parisian cafe. It is a modern restaurant but it has some elements that brings you back to past. One part of the restaurants is cafe and another is just for the guests that are taking a meal. Bussiness appointments and presentations are often here. Screen made of glass is outside and it prevents guests from the dirty of the street. This screen is an element that decorate interior, too. Inside there are many reproductions of old french paintings that made this space even more french. You have to visit this place if you would like to feel the real spirit of the old Paris.

Tošin Bunar/ Džakarta

Address: Studentska 1, Novi Beograd

Phone: +381 11 26 92 631

Tošin Bunar is the place where students gathered - groups of former students and groups of the young people who live near in Studentski grad. People of all categories comes here. Retaurant is famous because of the high category meals that presents Serbia.



Address: Bulevar Oslobođenja 18a (Bulevar JA)

Phone: +381 11 26 41 944, 26 42 439; 36 16 730; +381 65 26 41 944


Kalemegdanska Terasa

Address: Mali Kalemegdan bb


Phone: +381 11 328 30 11


Restaurant Kalemegdanska Terasa is situated in the most beautiful part of the capital - Kelemegdan fortress. The restaurant is built in the way that does not disorganize the ambient that is around and that represent the time of 13th century.


Violeta kuća stara

Address: Topolska 4

Phone: +381 11 24 31 458

There is an interesting story that explains how this restaurant takes its name. The owners wanted to call it Old house because it is placed in the house that was built in the 1922. The story says that one man was passing by the restaurant one day and he asked if the place can take name Violet because it was the name of his early love that he will never forget. So the name was formed by adding girls name to this Old house. This restaurant is the club for the people who like to enjoy.